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Privacy Policy

Tractorama does not directly collect user data. Since all of the products on Tractorama are fulfilled by, and since we do not conduct any ecommerce transactions, our privacy policy is Zazzle's privacy policy.

Since we are funded in part by the Google advertisements you see at the bottom of every page, we want you to know that Google does use cookies, and as a result, may show you ads based on your browsing pattern. You can opt out of Google's use of cookies here.

Why do I see ads on this site that contain items I've viewed on another site?

When you see an advertisement that contains an item you've recently seen on another web site, that's called "remarekting." This means that the host of that product has purchased remarketing ads, which are programmed to show you products you've seen and invite you back to the host web site to see the same prodcut again. Tractorama does not purchase remarketing ads, so we are not gleening any information from your visit to this site.


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