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Red & Green Tractor Wrapping Paper

This paper is politcially correct!

Can't commit to red or green? No problem, just use this gift wrap that shows you can swing both ways!

You can order this high-quality paper in several roll lenghts, from 6 feet to 60 feet -- each roll is 30" wide. The paper is high-gloss, and very sturdy, at 64lb weight. Made and printed in the USA!

  • 64lb text weight glossy paper.
  • Highest gloss paper.
  • 6' roll wraps 3 shirt sized boxes, 15' roll wraps 9 shirt sized boxes, 30' roll wraps 18 shirt sized boxes, 45' roll wraps 27 shirt sized boxes, 60' roll wraps 36 shirt sized boxes.
  • 30" x 6 foot Roll -- $20.95
  • Save 10% if you order 3 or more rolls.

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